by Dag Shaw

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the kids who have survived need to go into uber-self-preservation mode...we are the flecks of gold in the trampled sidewalk...our value is stronger than our mass...only our patina stands to protect us, these days . . . . was just another brief moment in time when a certain conglomeration of heads united briefly to create a crew, a semblance of family, which naturally occurs in many places with different people throughout life.

"music is group therapy" I say . . . for me to just keep it to myself is, i think, selfish, especially since i spend so much time feeling sorta useless, as most of us probably do...melancholy, not dark but...something that is eased by the sense that you're not alone, which is what music can do. "you are not alone," like a form of amnesty to the hungry ears of all us earth stewards


released October 14, 2013

Feel Good Be Bad Records



all rights reserved


Dag Shaw Northwood, New Hampshire

Dag Shaw is a sometimes-solo musician wanderer within the USA (from Maine to Maui) since 2000. Dobro, guitar, vocals, banjo. Born & raised in the woods in sometimes-secret New Hampshire, one day a little before the end of the twentieth century Dag emerged with a vengeance to stand in the sweet nectar rain of the world outside the pond. Have gig, will travel. ... more

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Track Name: Midnight Cargo
This train was a midnight cargo
Long as the canyon she flew in
Along the Colorado her light shone
Slow corners through that blizzard

I heard her a-cryin out there
Lonesemest place she can find
I watched her searchin the night away
For to ease that a-wailin mind

Always the whole world's a stop ahead
When the wheels aren't built to rest
So many faces a-passin on through
When you're always movin, you're all you can trust

This train was a midnight cargo
Long as the canyon she cruised
Her beacon shone along the Colorado
Into that blizzard she flew

Intriguing elusive lady of the night
Union Pacific, a long howling wail
Lonesemest place she can find, she just might
Cry out forever among pillars of hail
Eternity isd a tomorrow away
A platform ahead on wheels not meant to stop and rust
How could she roll so lonely and free
If she found someone else to trust

This train was a midnight cargo
Union Pacific, casting sheets of white
Upon diamonds dripping from the sky
Alone in a canyon on a stormy night

This train was a midnight cargo
Long as the canyon she flew in
Along the Colorado her light shone
Slow corners into that blizzard
Track Name: Because You Want Me To
My boy is 3000 miles away/Don't know what I could have said to make him stay/I can feel him reaching out for me/Got some things I wish he'd stuck around to see/ Got to know there's something more to this life/It's why he's travelling, he tells me to blow the hype/but if something happens to him on the rough/I'll never know the nirvana poets write of
The sky is hollerin The country's callin and I'm fallin for you coz you want me to
He steals my heart he leaves me speechless/Can't stand a liar but I can handle a thief/Not long ago I thought I shut the door/I didn't count on him managing to slip through/Luminity in his eyes is on my mind/It hangs around remind me I'm not too far behind/But 52 hours opf driving await between me and my boy /How long must we wait
The sky is hollerin the country's stalling and I'm callin for you...coz you want me to
Maybe a lover is a spirit that moves from man to man/ Don't wanna dig too deeply into Cupid's plans /But it makes sense the way it moves around/Maybe lookin for a lonely soul on solid ground/I'm done lookin and I don't mind the thought/ Seems like yer all about it, I don't mind getting caught/In a net without a rope off a boat without a sea/By a pirate without a ship who's been tryin to find me/ The sky is fallin, the country's callin, and I'm hollerin for you....Coz you want me to
Track Name: Ode To Rikk Lee
When you die/ When you lean back to lay your head down for the last time/ Do you think of all the people you'll leave behind/ Does every dream you've ever had flash thru your mind//
When you're alone/when you've convinced yourself that no one wants to be around you/ do you hear the music you'd play if there was someone to hear you/do you listen to your wisdoms hiding from you

When you're high/ when you've satisfied your appetite for longing/do you think once there might be someone you're wronging/ maybe it's just you who's waiting for your loving//

You do a lot more good for the world while you're still in it/ Yet each day we need better reasons to get to the next minute/ Do you get back your deposit when you face that great concierge in the sky/ If you did not leave a footprint how can we introduce you/ Was it the red flash on the Sphinx's nose that took you/ How could you bail before leaving us something to remember you by/ The neoapocalytes are pounding in the door/ Do they know it's their own mortality they're fearin for? //

When you're blue/ When there's not another thing you can do/ Are you strong enough to rise up and walk away/ or do you stand to suffer through another day/ dying alone but still your way
Track Name: Running Circles
You run & you run &You run & you run
You hide and you hide and you hide
Then you work&you sleep&you pay&you pray
and you fight for your right to keep on runnin
Circles around yourself..
So you look&you find whatever comes to mind
The n you throw all yer work into the dirt
But when yer back is broke and you feel like a joke
Nothing to show for, what did you go for?
Running circles around yourself...
So when you finally decide that you've been livin a lie
For the 40th time, why keep your mind?
There was never a promise that couldn't be broke
Get too weird and you start to look like all the other fucks
Runnin circles around themselves...
One day you'll meet someone you just don't like
Coz they remind you of a former you on a better day
Better looks, fewer faults, coming up on your skills
Yer pissed at the prices they just don't pay runnin
circles around themselves..
[repeat first verse]

(These lyrics are provided for the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and everyone else)
Track Name: Pueo
There really is no way to relay what I've seen
And if you haven't been there, you'd think a dream
But among sketches of moments distilled over time
I get lost in the galleries in my mind

Truth is stranger than fiction; to explain sounds a lie
So often i don't, and leave them wondering why
I find peace in unsettling ways and escapes
Cozy as sandpaper, stable as earthquakes

The steps faced the sea, an owl passed us by
Giving us permission for the hands we held
I'd found the difference, and was choosing quite little
This was my mission, approaching fulfilled

We felt too good to let sand get us down
As it worked its way between each blade of hair
And I've never been so content to sleep in the rain
There were too many shooting stars to care

Perhaps I don't know what love truly is
These moments which my heart swoons to recall
When I basked in the moment and shared it with someone
Is all the love I have known; with a blink it gone
Track Name: Searchlight
I never have seen the light in any church that I've been in
Always a pretty sight though, the honest work of men in sin
I went out to hunt for reason
In an unfamiliar place
I asked those weirdos questions
To try define this struggle's grace
I have seen great works of art
Ancient outcasts silent roar
Has filled me with natural worship
buckled my knees to the floor
I find that light out on the highway
where the hours pass like lines upon the road
The sky breaks open somewhere over Kansas
And shines down on my near-forgotten soul
There ain't no light at the bottom of the sea
Except for from creatures known to make it magically
And I ain't no urchin
never could ask someone for their pearls
You got to work hard to get by in this world

I've been all over this nation, and I always will so long's I'm allowed
For I find inspiration
And comfort in unfamiliar crowds
There never has been just one place that's got it all for me
I need it all to be complete, from Bangor to Santa Fe
Track Name: Salty Or Sweet (You'll Be Fine)
There was a rumble in the belly of the insatiable beast
It shook me to the core from deep below my feet
And I heard someone say but someone else screamed retreat

And so I planted a seed
And I flew a sign
Coz standin in line is some kind of wasting time
And if you don't lose yer footing, you lose yer mind
Whether salty or sweet, you just add a little lime
No guarantees, but I'm sure you'll be fine

Exorcising demons to incite ruckus clear
The truth lies in the serum, constant mission for beer
But the sun shine bleeding down's what brought me here

And so I shook the fear, and I flew a sign
Because standing in line is some kind of doing time
And if you don't lose your footing, you lose your mind
Whether salty or sweet, you just add a little bit of lime
No guarantees, but I'm sure you'll be fine

Who's taking care of those who akes care of them?
I've been conducting global interviews to answer that question
Oh if only I could find a pen
For the truth to leak on words is such a shocking thing
Still the rooster crows over and over again
"Do you want a fan, girl, or do you want a friend?"

And so I lived in sin, and I flew a sign
Because standing in line is some kind of doing time
And if you don't lose your footing, you lose your mind
Whether salty or sweet, you just add a little bit of lime
No guarantees, but I'm sure you'll be fine
Track Name: Warning Song
I should have warned you but you know that I did
I won't blame you for believing what you must
I wish I'd been a bit more clear
But you know that I was, and you woulda listened but
Maybe it'd been a long time
since you had been wrong
and maybe you forgot how to hear someone say how they
coz you believed what they felt was wrong
and they wouldn't know until you showed them yourself

I don't believe that you wanted pain to create or to feel
But no one thinks of that when
They're sure of themselves
And haven't learned yet why not
To put all their emotions in one basket

And so now all I wish of the past would be
To have been a bit louder about my heart to you
So instead of this nation between us
I'd still have my friend to be next to